Is O’Donnell the face of the Tea Party?

Actually that seems almost self-evident doesn’t it. She is all over the news at least.

But isn’t that really a result of the press’ focus on her? Perhaps a better question would be, is she really representative of the tea party? I started to wonder about this after a write-up about O’Donnell on The Legal Satyricon. basically¬†had a bit of a disagreement with how one commenter was portraying O’Donnell and it led me to that question. By the way, I agree with most of what Tatiana has to say about O’Donnell’s positions. I don’t believe O’Donnell was trying to make any kinds of points about exact phrasing in the Constitution, I think she simply disagrees with the principle behind that particular exchange and was being a bit pig-headed in what she was saying. In short, her (O’Donnell’s) stock didn’t go up by my accounting.

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