Feeling very torn here

It seems Prof. Henderson got in a bit of trouble with his spouse.

He made his previous posts, which included some vaguely personal details about his wife, without verifying it was okay to do so first.

He relates that she does not share in his opinions and objected to his inclusion of those details after he received the response that he did.

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The rich man’s burden

NOTE: Prof. Henderson’s original blog posts have been deleted, along with all comments to them. Cached copies of the blog posts are here, after the jump.

Over the past few days there has been an interesting series of comments going on in the blogosphere. A law professor, Todd Henderson of the University of Chicago, was seeking to make a point about how proposed changes to the tax code are inherently unfair. Or maybe he was trying to talk about the inherent waste in government spending. He kind of mentioned both, but never really bothered to talk about it in a way that works.

Instead he basically talked about how he may have to let his maid or gardener go is his tax bill goes up. Interestingly he also says he must have these (the house cleaner at least) due to other concerns, which means he wouldn’t actually fire anyone if his bill goes up, he would simply look for sufficient work to maintain his lifestyle.

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