Parking like an ass, part IV

So, remember that source I mentioned in an earlier post regarding Fort Eustis deaths. He tells me again that the suicide did occur, and now I have word that a Colonel discussed the Spice related death during a morning meeting. Why these haven’t been picked up in the news I don’t know, perhaps because they all occured at the same time as 4 Fort Hood suicides.

Well, he sent me a message the other day asking me to go over and take some pictures of parking at the Reserve Support Center.

He asked me to include the line that there is a special place in hell for these people. I concur… Continue reading


Parking like an Ass, Part III

And so my quest continues.

I missed an excellent opportunity the other morning. The one day I leave my phone at home for our 6Am physical fitness session (yes it sucks even more than you think) a set of wonder twins decided to park their cars in the motorcycle spaces.

Did I mention I have on the odd occasion ridden a motorcycle.

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