Parking like an ass, part IV

So, remember that source I mentioned in an earlier post regarding Fort Eustis deaths. He tells me again that the suicide did occur, and now I have word that a Colonel discussed the Spice related death during a morning meeting. Why these haven’t been picked up in the news I don’t know, perhaps because they all occured at the same time as 4 Fort Hood suicides.

Well, he sent me a message the other day asking me to go over and take some pictures of parking at the Reserve Support Center.

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Army Officer heading to jail?

Thomas Edward Stowers II, a 35-year old Warrant Officer with the US Army, has been arrested for allegedly engaging in sodomy with a 16-year old. The charge sheet paints a pretty bad picture. He allegedly gave the young man alcohol, takes him someplace, and engages in sodomy with him. but then there is also a charge of Sodomy by force when victim is spouse. So I’m not sure what to make of that.

More, including a picture of the Soldier, after the jump.

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Fort Eustis death

A source has shared with me that a Soldier performing duty with the 7th Sustainment Brigade at Fort Eustis, VA was found dead today.

The source shared the Soldier was found hanging after missing formation. Whether hanging was the cause of death is not known. Neither if it was suicide, homicide or an accident. No other information is avalible at this time.

I was also privy to information stating another Soldier from Fort Eustis died this weekend. Information is very sketchy, although I consider the source very reliable, this death is in some way connected to Spice usage. Whether Spice is directly related to the death or not is unknown. It could be Soldiers were smoking spice when he died, or some time prior to death. I would not put it past the military to draw a conclusion of a connection even if there was no evidence demonstrating causality.

More information to follow as it becomes avalible.

Parking like an Ass, Part III

And so my quest continues.

I missed an excellent opportunity the other morning. The one day I leave my phone at home for our 6Am physical fitness session (yes it sucks even more than you think) a set of wonder twins decided to park their cars in the motorcycle spaces.

Did I mention I have on the odd occasion ridden a motorcycle.

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