Having a beer with Bob

For those of you who have never had the pleasure of “Drinking with Bob” allow me to offer you a brief introduction.

Check the video: (click it  twice to open in a new window and check his other vids)

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I like it…

Okay, day late dollar short, whatever. The latest Facebook steaming pile…

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Rick Sanchez fired

I made a post about a way I agreed with one thing Rick Sanchez, formerly of CNN, said and now he’s gone and gotten himself fired for :

  1. Calling Jon Stewart a bigot, and
  2. Saying he does not think Jewish people significantly suffer from discrimination in the US and control parts of the media

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Guns, Licensing, State Encouraged killing?

First: I really enjoy the blog I’m linking too here. It is often funny and simply fun to read. And I do this for entertainment first and foremost.

Over on the BL1Y Blog there is a very short post, with only a few comments (as of now), that raises some excellent questions.

For those of you living not only under a rock, but wearing earplugs and blinders also, there was a school shooting in Texas.

In the comments of the above first post, which was about a defensive use of a firearm, BL1Y said some stuff that got me thinking.

I think the best solution is to just increase the licensing requirements to include regular gun safety classes, and perhaps even a competency test, similar to a driving exam. If we’re going to let you carry a gun in public, I think we can also demand that your aim be okay. I’d also be in favor of criminalizing possession of a firearm while intoxicated.

I have heard these many times. I’m not going to rehash the arguments of why driving a car is not the same as using a gun (rights vs. privileges). I have a few more interesting things in mind.

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So, two kids (12 and 13) throw bricks at a house, get scared of when the owner (a 68-year old woman) returns.

They come back and throw bricks at her!

She pulls out her gun and returns the courtesy they are showing her.

Problem#1 :

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How old is old enough

Suppose we have a 16-year old girl with a 35-year old man, drinking it up, and have a bit of sodomy. Should we charge the 35-year old man with a crime? What if no alcohol was involved?

What if it is a 16-year old boy with a 35-year old woman?

What if it is a 16-year old boy with a 35-year old man?

And just to cover it all, how about the 16-year old girl with a 35-year old woman?

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Army Officer heading to jail?

Thomas Edward Stowers II, a 35-year old Warrant Officer with the US Army, has been arrested for allegedly engaging in sodomy with a 16-year old. The charge sheet paints a pretty bad picture. He allegedly gave the young man alcohol, takes him someplace, and engages in sodomy with him. but then there is also a charge of Sodomy by force when victim is spouse. So I’m not sure what to make of that.

More, including a picture of the Soldier, after the jump.

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