Parking like an ass, part IV

So, remember that source I mentioned in an earlier post regarding Fort Eustis deaths. He tells me again that the suicide did occur, and now I have word that a Colonel discussed the Spice related death during a morning meeting. Why these haven’t been picked up in the news I don’t know, perhaps because they all occured at the same time as 4 Fort Hood suicides.

Well, he sent me a message the other day asking me to go over and take some pictures of parking at the Reserve Support Center.

He asked me to include the line that there is a special place in hell for these people. I concur… Continue reading


Parking like an Ass, Part III

And so my quest continues.

I missed an excellent opportunity the other morning. The one day I leave my phone at home for our 6Am physical fitness session (yes it sucks even more than you think) a set of wonder twins decided to park their cars in the motorcycle spaces.

Did I mention I have on the odd occasion ridden a motorcycle.

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Parking like an ass, part II

For those missed the first installation you can find it here.

Went out to dinner with the wife tonight and got a two for one. Yep, two asses were out driving tonight. and both may have gone to the same restaurant¬†as us. thankfully they are getting their money’s worth. Continue reading

Parking like an ass


Drive it like you sailed it

Drive it like you sailed it?

Now I don’t actually know any donkeys that are capable of driving, let alone have licenses. But I do know it looks like many are driving.

This bothers me, but not really because of any inconvenience. Actually I find it to be a great convenance when I can identify when an ass is driving a car. You see I don’t trust an ass to not scratch my paint, I don’t trust them to have the dexterity to get out of a parking space without hitting my car, and I don’t trust them to be able to get into their car without dragging their ass (an ass’s ass?) across my car. It bothers me because it means someone let an ass drive a car. Continue reading