Proud of my fellow soldiers

So today I had to log onto AKO (Army Knowledge Online). This system is ran by around 20,000 people with an annual budget of $67 million.

Recently people have been “hating on” AKO. Personally I dont use it that much, so I don’t think about it that much.

Well, the folks running AKO and trying to empasize how it is user friendly and not too complicated. So today they offered a poll asking how many clicks does it take to start a blog on AKO. Now it might be important to keep in mind Soldiers are suppposed to be honest, have integrity, and respectful of leaders avoiding snarkiness and such.

The Soldiers have responded to the poll. The “correct” answer is 3 clicks, 47% have answered 834 clicks.

Some days I love my fellow Soldiers.


Calling things secret, that aren’t

If something is a secret, but it ends up being broadcast far and wide should one try and still say it is secret, or just admit it no longer is and move on.

While people may decry Wikileaks for what they have done the omelet has been made, one can’t turn it back into whole eggs, a cheese wheel and a sound onion.

Adapt, overcome, but acknowledge the reality that it is done, these things are secret no more.

Army Officer heading to jail?

Thomas Edward Stowers II, a 35-year old Warrant Officer with the US Army, has been arrested for allegedly engaging in sodomy with a 16-year old. The charge sheet paints a pretty bad picture. He allegedly gave the young man alcohol, takes him someplace, and engages in sodomy with him. but then there is also a charge of Sodomy by force when victim is spouse. So I’m not sure what to make of that.

More, including a picture of the Soldier, after the jump.

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Fort Eustis death

A source has shared with me that a Soldier performing duty with the 7th Sustainment Brigade at Fort Eustis, VA was found dead today.

The source shared the Soldier was found hanging after missing formation. Whether hanging was the cause of death is not known. Neither if it was suicide, homicide or an accident. No other information is avalible at this time.

I was also privy to information stating another Soldier from Fort Eustis died this weekend. Information is very sketchy, although I consider the source very reliable, this death is in some way connected to Spice usage. Whether Spice is directly related to the death or not is unknown. It could be Soldiers were smoking spice when he died, or some time prior to death. I would not put it past the military to draw a conclusion of a connection even if there was no evidence demonstrating causality.

More information to follow as it becomes avalible.

Questions we have to ask

Having been deployed to overseas locations a few times there are some questions I have to ask in the whole movement to eliminate the congressional ban on homosexual service.

Yes, it is a congressional ban. Don’t ask, Don’t tell was the military’s way of complying with an order from the President to find a policy which would allow homosexuals to serve, even though Congress wrote a law which he signed saying they couldn’t. The best the military could come up with was DADT, a compromise between not actively enforcing a law, but not just ignoring it either.

For those who doubt that I refer you to Public Law 103-160, Section 654, Title 10. You can read it here. In short Congress, and the President decided a few things. Continue reading


Today a person I would consider a friend got promoted.

Not a huge deal, he hasn’t become a general, or even close to one.

But, he deserves it more than might be obvious…

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Attention Navy

Words fail me. However…

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