Apple, Big Brother, say it ain’t so.

So, Apple has devised a way to remotely kill their phones, and perhaps other products. 

Why is this a surprise to anyone, it isn’t like they are the first to develop a tool to remotely disable a device. Users have been able to remotely kill laptops for years. 

Wait, does that mean they are copying someone elses idea? Yes, yes it does. But they are doing it differently, no really they are, they are putting it on the chip, instead of just the software. Continue reading


Google, you are being naughty

Someone at google is being naughty.  

Why do I say this, well this blog has been online a whole week maybe. I have no links pointing to it other than in a few comments left on other blogs.  

Hey I get it, I’m new, it will take a while to build an audience, and maybe I’ll never have one  

Sad, I know, makes me cry just thinking of that possibility… 

But even with all of that I know this Continue reading