Calling things secret, that aren’t

If something is a secret, but it ends up being broadcast far and wide should one try and still say it is secret, or just admit it no longer is and move on.

While people may decry Wikileaks for what they have done the omelet has been made, one can’t turn it back into whole eggs, a cheese wheel and a sound onion.

Adapt, overcome, but acknowledge the reality that it is done, these things are secret no more.


Panem et circenses

Over on BL1Y, The life and adventures of a defunct big law associate, there is a post about Nancy Pelosi and her stance on debating John Dennis.

I have to say I agree with BL1Y’s comments on political debate in this country. But I want to go a step further. I think even if we had any debate among candidates we would not be any the better for it in the vast majority of cases. Even if we did have debate, would it matter…..

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Having a beer with Bob

For those of you who have never had the pleasure of “Drinking with Bob” allow me to offer you a brief introduction.

Check the video: (click it  twice to open in a new window and check his other vids)

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I like it…

Okay, day late dollar short, whatever. The latest Facebook steaming pile…

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Rick Sanchez fired

I made a post about a way I agreed with one thing Rick Sanchez, formerly of CNN, said and now he’s gone and gotten himself fired for :

  1. Calling Jon Stewart a bigot, and
  2. Saying he does not think Jewish people significantly suffer from discrimination in the US and control parts of the media

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Heroine trafficking

This is horrible.

10 people have been busted as part of a heroine trafficking ring.

What is the matter with these people. There are enough heroines to go around, why would they even imagine a black, or even grey, market could exist for heroine.

Wait, they meant heroin. Ahh never mind.

Spell check can be a bitch.

Feeling very torn here

It seems Prof. Henderson got in a bit of trouble with his spouse.

He made his previous posts, which included some vaguely personal details about his wife, without verifying it was okay to do so first.

He relates that she does not share in his opinions and objected to his inclusion of those details after he received the response that he did.

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