Heroine trafficking

This is horrible.

10 people have been busted as part of a heroine trafficking ring.

What is the matter with these people. There are enough heroines to go around, why would they even imagine a black, or even grey, market could exist for heroine.

Wait, they meant heroin. Ahh never mind.

Spell check can be a bitch.


Looking to the heavens

So, was bored out of my head the other day, grabbed one of the digital cameras, a 70-300mm lens and took a 2 second exposure of Jupiter. If you have a set of semi-decent binoculars you can see Jupiter and some of its moons from your house probably. In the phot below you can see what I saw, the largeish white-ish dot (Jupiter) and three smaller dots. These smaller dots are (working from Jupiter and heading towards the left) Europa, Callisto, and Ganymede. 

Jupiter and Three moons

So, why would I do this, because I think people need to have a sense of wonder and scale. Looking at this tiny white dot in the sky, knowing it is immensely huge reminds me of just how tiny we are. In 100 years Jupiter will still be there and I’ll be long-buried (probably), in a 1,000 years my name will probably have been long forgotten, but Jupiter will remain, and in 1,000,000 years all of mankind will very likely be gone (if for no other reason than evolution), but Jupiter will likely remain. 

Jupiter will remain, just as it has for the dinosaurs, the Roman Empire, Charlemagne, both World Wars, the Cold War, and will outlive us all.Perhaps then what we think is so terribly important isn’t quite such a big deal in the grand scheme of things and I was wrong to make such a big deal of not getting extra foam with my latte today.

Oh well, live and learn.