I like it…

Okay, day late dollar short, whatever. The latest Facebook steaming pile…

“I like it on….” Continue reading


Segway owner dies

Not really computers, but tech oriented.

Jim (Jimi) Heselden, owner of the Segway producing company, was found dead yesterday after apparantly riding off a cliff on a Segway.

My thoughts turn to his family and hope they get through this quickly.


Apple, Big Brother, say it ain’t so.

So, Apple has devised a way to remotely kill their phones, and perhaps other products. 

Why is this a surprise to anyone, it isn’t like they are the first to develop a tool to remotely disable a device. Users have been able to remotely kill laptops for years. 

Wait, does that mean they are copying someone elses idea? Yes, yes it does. But they are doing it differently, no really they are, they are putting it on the chip, instead of just the software. Continue reading