There really isn’t much to say about myself. I’m a citizen of the United States. I generally spell things following the commonly accepted forms of that same country. I do not do so perfectly, and no I did not put any typo into the previous in a lame attempt to seem witty (hint: such a thing wouldn’t be wit anyway).

I am writing this mainly for opinion publication, but sometimes as pure news.

Oh, I am a jerk, yes I am a giant, humongous, without a doubt jerk. I will say things that make some people HATE me. No, really I mean that, they will desire to procreate with my skull using a hydraulically powered piston of herculean proportions, and I’m good with making people feel that way. You, my dear reader, have a choice. You can read what I write, or refuse to read what I write. You can reply to things I write, or not reply. You can even actively ignore me by avoiding me at all costs.  But you’ve basically done something in your life as a result of what I’ve written. So, make up your mind now, read and be exposed to an opinion you may disagree with, or refuse to try and look from another perspective, either way I’ve affected you and you get to live with what that means (what that means may be an entry for a blog post later).

I think that pretty much covers everything we need for here, although since this is an about page here are some facts:

  • I have been a member of the U.S. military, I am not a Nazi, nor a “right-winger”, nor do I wear jack-boots. Bleeding hearts who equate those thinks with one another are on the shallow end of the gene pool.
  • I ride a motorcycle, I also drive a car. And I know cagers don’t notice bikers.
  • I have been married more than once, that either means I did not learn my lesson the first time or that I do not believe in giving up. If you disagree with that think about what it says about you.
  • I wear leather (see above), eat red meat (because it tastes good), and I love vegetables (because they also taste good); if any of that bothers you, meh.
  • I am a racist, I think the human race is better than the others. Don’t like that? Blame evolution, I believe the human race is better than bacteria, and if it comes down to us vs. them I know which side I’m on.
  • We are smarter than each other think, we are dumber than we think, and yes, that means both of us.
  • you can reach me at Bad.M*onkey.No.Biscuit@g mail.com simply remove the space (or %20) and *

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  1. Hi, nice to meet you !

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