I like it…

Okay, day late dollar short, whatever. The latest Facebook steaming pile…

“I like it on….”

Supposedly this was to raise awareness of breast cancer.

Clue #1 was…. oh, there wasn’t one. There was no follow-up. It was vague innuendo that was supposed to magically crystallize into discussions about breast cancer. Seriously, I saw people actually asking what it meant and some women actually told their female friends to check their inbox and blew off their male friends who were asking. So I think it was a failure, because instead of talking about the disease everyone is talking about the status updates instead (myself included)

People, awareness of breast cancer has occurred. If you think there are still people who aren’t aware of it you’re delusional. Those you find who don’t fall all over themselves about breast cancer aren’t unaware, they just can’t be bothered to give a shit. And you know what, I’m rapidly feeling like joining them. I read one piece which got to the idea that it was to try to get people to think about it everyday. Seriously, everyone needs to think about it every single day in order to consider people to be aware of the issue?

Sure, that’s fucking productive. Hey everyone, did you think about heart attacks today? It killed about 20 times as many people as breast cancer. How about lung cancer, killed about four times as many people. How about colon cancer, it killed about an eighth more people than breast cancer. Did you think about each and every one of them?

And yet people still went on with their lives, people still looked for cures, and funding sure as hell kept flowing to look for treatments and cures.

Breast cancer is a horrible disease. It is the body turning against itself and given our cultural norms it is an incredibly painful experience mentally given the level of breast worship that goes on. But beyond the psychological it is a terrifying ordeal and incredibly painful.

See, I know a few breast cancer survivors. I’ve seen the scars, I held them as they cried. I’ve known a few before they were told, while they went through treatment, and afterwards when they recovered a sense of self. One minus her breasts. I’ve seen her wince years after the surgery from having to raise her arms over her head because of what they had to do for the surgery. She does physical therapy exercises every single day to try to keep the flexibility she does have, because she’ll never have the range of motion she used to.

But instead of that I see idiotic status updates meant to attract attention, but with no follow through. Fail ladies (and guys who have done it), FAIL!

Tell me when you want to come sit at the grown-ups table and actually discuss the issue, without having to rely on childish slogans and lazy Facebook status updates that have no plan.

But hey, it isn’t all bad, at least the bra color thing was somewhat related.


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