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So, two kids (12 and 13) throw bricks at a house, get scared of when the owner (a 68-year old woman) returns.

They come back and throw bricks at her!

She pulls out her gun and returns the courtesy they are showing her.

Problem#1 :

 she only hit one of them.

Problem #2:

he lived.

Problem #3:

there is no follow-up to the parents being arrested for beating the holy hell out of the kids upon discovering what happened.

Actually maybe problem #3 doesn’t exist. Perhaps the police are just keeping it quiet.

If your kid is 12 or 13, and thinks throwing bricks at old women is fun sport I will shed no tears when said old lady puts him in the ground. I will however take her to the range and pay for her to practice so she hits center-mass next time.


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