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Army Officer heading to jail?

Thomas Edward Stowers II, a 35-year old Warrant Officer with the US Army, has been arrested for allegedly engaging in sodomy with a 16-year old. The charge sheet paints a pretty bad picture. He allegedly gave the young man alcohol, takes him someplace, and engages in sodomy with him. but then there is also a charge of Sodomy by force when victim is spouse. So I’m not sure what to make of that.

More, including a picture of the Soldier, after the jump.

A bond hearing is set for October 14, 2010, Newport News Circuit Court, Room 5. This is a Bond hearing under section 19.2-124. Now I am not an attorney, but that is a bond appeal section of the law, since he is still in jail I assume then he was either denied bail or it is was set very high.

If he is guilty, well I’m not certain what I think (click here for that discussion). The Army though has very clear rules. A minor, is a minor, is a minor. And 16 is a minor, at 35 he has no business messing with a 16-year old. Even if 16 used to be north of the age of consent, it isn’t anymore, and hasn’t been for a long time.

Who knows though, the devil is in the details. His side of the story may change things considerably. More to follow as it comes out.

News Story, including mugshot, here.

Arrest listing here.

Photo source: United States Army TRADOC Band Flickr page


13 Responses

  1. […] Army Officer heading to jail? […]

  2. Well apparently letting a pedophile out on bond so he can terrorize more innocent kids is how Newport news handles gay HIV positive army men. Yay America

    • Thanks for coming in and leaving the comment.

      First, are you alleging this person is HIV positive, or are you talking about someone else? If you’re talking about him I’d like to have the link to something demonstrating that. Because so far as I know there is nothing showing that as of yet.

      Second, he is accused, not convicted. He has the right to a bail hearing. He also has the right to be presummed innocent until proven guilty. So this isn’t how they handle pedophiles, this is how they handle alleged pedophiles.

      • first off i have irrefutable evidence stowers is hiv pos, second the child did not turn him i , an adult did. as far as stowers being a good person well thats all opinion, facts are facts and well sad to say many have brought forth quite a disturbing array of info that makes this come across as not the first time. its hard to believe someone that is a friend cld do such things but he did and life goes on. castrate him and let him pick up dog shit for a living

    • To Mr. Fisher’s comment; If you don’t know the person you shouldn’t say anything… But that’s what’s so good about our country. You the people that we defend don’t care that he has been to another country to defend you so that you can use such a comment that is totally egregious. How about you; so free of any sin cast the first stone? Perhaps you would like people to read you as a book by it’s cover, instead you should dissect the matter more at hand. But what do we know as Soldiers right? I see a friend that is need of great help.

      • @ Daniel,

        Stowers was never truly a friend to anyone, and on the contrary, those that tried to help him by warning him and his command that he was in need of help- were always ignored.

      • as far as stowers defending the country in foreign soil are you kidding me!!! why dont u tell everyone what he does in the service. he plays an instrument . so unless there was an attack on the woodwind section i dont see any valor in what you call defense. ive know too many real soldiers that died in battle and what you say is a disgrace upon them. if your gonna go around tossing out facts. toss em all out or stfu..

      • Yes, he never was truly a friend to anyone, but that never kept some of his co-workers from trying to help him.

  3. I served with him, while this accusation sickens me, it does not surprise me. I also intended to warn COC about his behavior and motives- to no avail.

    • I’ve also served with him. I am a firm believer in the American Justice system. As such, at this time I will give him the benefit of the doubt. However, if he is found guilty I can say that I won’t be surprised. On an unrelated note, how did this guy slip through the cracks and get selected for WO in the first place?!? Pretty much anyone who has served with him knows he’s a bad egg and the LAST person anyone would want to have as their commanding officer.

  4. well unfortunately the kid who turned him in told me he was 18 when i was living there… what a little prick..

    • And if the kid lied about his age, who knows what else he is lying about. The kid is obviously working a “BLACK MAIL/ BLACK BALL” routine and I hope that KARMA kicks this kid square in neck really really hard!

  5. It’s a sad, sad ending to someone who ignored all the advice given to him. Having worked with the accused, I think his arrogance finally caught up with him.

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