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Fort Eustis death

A source has shared with me that a Soldier performing duty with the 7th Sustainment Brigade at Fort Eustis, VA was found dead today.

The source shared the Soldier was found hanging after missing formation. Whether hanging was the cause of death is not known. Neither if it was suicide, homicide or an accident. No other information is avalible at this time.

I was also privy to information stating another Soldier from Fort Eustis died this weekend. Information is very sketchy, although I consider the source very reliable, this death is in some way connected to Spice usage. Whether Spice is directly related to the death or not is unknown. It could be Soldiers were smoking spice when he died, or some time prior to death. I would not put it past the military to draw a conclusion of a connection even if there was no evidence demonstrating causality.

More information to follow as it becomes avalible.


One Response

  1. Oh, in case it comes up (doubtful how long ago I made this post). Calling it a Spice related death is a bit disengenous by the Army leaders who have discussed it. Alcohol was in the room too, but they have yet to call it an alcohol related death.

    Just because Spice was around does not mean it was an important factor in the death but listen to peope talk and it is like they already have some type of proof it was.

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