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Climate Change Criminals

We live in a very interesting world. A few days ago Ken Lammers over on CrimLaw posted a piece discussing the internet meme of that moment “You have no Quran“-Man. Mr. Lammers brought up the excellent point that one should not be granted nobility for their actions if there is no risk of punishment.

I disagreed with Ken a little on the particulars of this incident, but otherwise I agree 100% with Mr. Lammers on what makes an act of civil disobedience noble.

Now we have a similar situation (at least some will find it similar) which you can read my opinion about after the jump…

Some activists entered a terminal and have attached themselves to various pieces of equipment resulting is shutting down all operations. I understand the activists position, but I can’t say what they are doing is okay, or even noble. The police are working on resolving the situation (emphasis mine):

A police spokeswoman said an operation including negotiations with the protesters was under way.

Since when do you negotiate with criminals who have only put themselves in harm’s way? Here is one for you. Let a safety inspector go out and see how securely they attached themselves to a crane. If it can be moved with them attached then fire it up. Seriously, go to work with the bozo attached to it.

I want to see that video.

What if the protesters were breaking into people’s homes and destroying the AC units, and other high electricity usage items? Since that is what drives the demand for the coal in the first place. How many people would want the police to negotiate with them at that point?

The activist target the corporations for a couple of reasons:

  1. Easy targets, they are centrally located, nice big targets, whereas individual home would be incredibly labor intensive
  2. Public perception, by targeting the faceless heartless corporation it is man vs. machine (so to speak); if the activists were to assault the individuals driving demand they would be crucified in the court of public opinion.
  3. Cost shifting, by attacking the corporation it is the corporation that ill raise prices to make up the loss. The corporation will then be the one billing its customers for the actions of the activists. If the activists were directly costing people they wouldn’t get as much support.

Police should move in, arrest them, and lets all get on with our lives. The civil law side, the group, and individuals need to be sued in civil court for the cost of their actions, and hopefully handed judgements against them that are not dischargeable. Lien everything they own and seize it, garnish their wages for the maximum permitted amount.

As they say, Crime should not pay.


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