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Interesting bit of stuff

Was browsing around the web and through following a few links I came upon this blog post by a Jessica Watson.

She is writing in respect to an Op-Ed from the WSJ.

I agree with 99% of her comments (telling a child they are doing something wrong won’t stop them, they will learn to hide it from you).

On the substance I only wish to add the following comments:

I read in the WSJ article Thomas Spence deriding male-centric books for the lack of depth, pandering to simplistic jokes and perhaps whimsical references to bodily functions. Has he shared this same disdain to say, the Twilight series. A series which could be said is just as bad?

I won’t repeat the arguments that have already been made on just how bad the Twilight series is. Anyone who refuses at this point to see the flaws others have made is just choosing not to. Okay I have to include a couple of them, and I paraphrased one of them:

2. Bell is a perfect character (“Mary Sue”), being clumsy is not a flaw if Edward always catches her.
6. The books aren’t well written, just because every other word is a fancy adjective doesn’t make it good writing.
12. The reason the books became so popular is because Bella has no personality and any loser can put themselves in her shoes.
13. If Bella is so ‘plain’, why do so many guys fall for her within the first two chapters?
14. Bella teaches women to let the man handle everything, which pretty much is a huge step backward for women everywhere, who have fought for equality.
19. Edward is extremely possessive, border-line abusive, and boring as anything.
57. It’s just not healthy to teach young girls that True Love involves the guy watching you while you sleep.
77. A hundred years difference = pedophile.
78. It’s a co-dependent relationship stripped down to the bare essentials. Girl: “I can’t live without you. I want to change myself to be with you.” Boy: “If you leave me, I will kill myself.”
79. Stephanie Meyer must really be into pedophilia: first Edward and Bella, now Jacob and Renesseme? SPOILER.
84. Jacob, who didn’t abuse Bella and was nice to her, was dumped and she chose Edward. Hmm, masochistic much?

The point is this series became wildly popular for all the same reasons Mr. Spence wishes to deride boy’s books, except Twilight is a girl’s book.

Wait, don’t skip the video.

So, where was all that going? Right here.

Thomas Spence is a twat. Jessica Watson has it right.

Kids will read what they find interesting. Saying boys will turn into morons or barbarians because they read Goosebumps is, putting it nicely, the spastic regurgitation of a slime-sucking fecal eating creature.

If you have found a way to get your son to read hundreds of pages of the written word encourage it. If you have found a way to get your daughter to read hundreds of pages of the written word encourage it.

If those words are bathroom humor use it to have a conversation, use it to teach about other forms of humor, discuss what makes something a mystery. These books are jumping off points of development, not the conclusions of it.

And if they are reading Twilight, PLEASE talk to them about relationships and reality.


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