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And thus it ends…

Todd Henderson has announced he is leaving blogging, at least for now. I have written him and wished him well and that I wish he was making a different choice. His response was short, to the point and respectful. I hope to see him return.

I can understand where he is coming from. I value my family more than my blog also. However, I will not try to sugarcoat the issue. I had thought of editing some previous posts, but I can’t in good conscience. I think my critique may be biting, caustic, and very blunt. But I would rather someone tell me they think I am wrong AND why (without the why whats is the point after all) than try to sugarcoat it. I think the worst I have said is some of his facts were disingenuous.

I will say the idea of his sleeping on the sofa was meant in jest, if this issue is actually reaching that kind of disagreement over this I hope it resolves quickly.

I mainly think he picked a really bad way to frame his argument. But he picked a method and stuck with it, I do admire tenacity sometimes.

Having said that, I think those who tried to use name calling to make their point, or harassment are deployable. And yes, they were on both sides. Those in agreement with him were quick to claim any of his detractors were simply engaging in class warfare, regardless of what they were saying.

I will say I stand by my assessments, Prof. Henderson made errors of judgement in his presentation, I believe he misrepresented certain facts making things sound one way when they are considerably different. In neither case would he have deserved threats. Condemnation though, yes.

That being said, I hope he will reframe his argument, strip it of the styling he used, and repost it. Perhaps under a pseudonym. The discussion needs voices of disagreement and dissent.

Discussions in echo chambers get us nowhere.


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  1. I really liked your comments there. The best, IMO.

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