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RICO, on my MTV??

It is more likely than you think.

Actually MTV is being sued with references to the RICO act not for the first time, but at least a second time this year.

Plaintiff J.R. sued MTV, Viacom, eight cast members and the show’s producers, 495 Productions Co.
     She claims the show “endorses the use of illegal anabolic steroids for muscle enhancement,” and showcases “frequent and random criminal violence that occurs to or with the cast / characters / participants and other members of the actual Jersey Shore community.” The resulting film is “advertised and aired for profit.”

Actually the fun part is this:

While leaving the club, J.R. says, she and her friends got into a “rather harsh verbal altercation” with Snooki. She claims several bodyguards assaulted her by “pushing her to the ground,” causing her to “gash and scrape her chin on the pavement,” … her male friend, Izzo, “verbally argued” with the bodyguards who had assaulted her, they choked him while the rest of the MTV group “walked up the block.”…Ronnie Ortiz then “ran back 50 yards to where the bodyguards, defendants John Does 1-4 were still assaulting Izzo, at which time defendant Ronnie Ortiz violently punched Izzo in the back of the head while John Does 1-4 were still assaulting / holding Izzo, knocking Izzo out.

And of course MTV got it all on tape, aired it, and has aired and advertised other criminal activities of the cast.

Hands up those who think one of the two will occur:

  1. Unedited footage of the incident in its entirety has been lost (see also: destroyed in a fire)
  2. Settlement quick, fast, and in a hurry

I actually did try to watch this show before. No honestly I did. I had to stop though when the bleeding from my eyes got too much and I just couldn’t see the screen anymore.

Although I would like to see if there exist any images of the cast where none of the girls are making the duckface. Seriously ladies it isn’t attractive, it looks like the face my baby sister used to make when she didn’t get her way. Any one who finds it attractive probably shouldn’t be trusted with children.


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