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Intolerance on display

So, for those who don’t know over the weekend David Grisham, a leader in Repent Amarillo, planned to burn a Quran. Now I think the guy (David Grisham) is an press-hungry idiot, but hey, it is his right to do (and be) so.

Remember that ideal upon which so many chant they want, and so many fail to hold up…

“I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

Grisham was thwarted in his attempt to say what he wanted to “say”. A shirtless skateboarder saved the Quran from the flames.

  • Did he offer to buy the book? No.
  • Negotiated a deal resolving the Ground Zero mosque? No.
  • Converted to Christianity thus calming the pyromaniacal Grisham? No

No, that was too hard. He just took it and ran off.

You know, he stole it.

And now he is praised for having done so.

Made me think,

  • If I disagree with a speech the President is going to give, shouldn’t I just take his mic?
  • If I disagree with a skateboarder performing in public just steal his board (skateboarding could be considered a form of artwork, and thus expressive).
  • If I disagree with the position of PETA, so I should stop them from exercising their own constitutionally protected acts of expression.
  • If I disagree with the position of say another blogger, who is posting pictures I find offensive, I should just steal his domain.

Shame on those (High Times, Gawker, Jon Mark Beilue and Color magazine) who promote this person to some kind of hero, or fail to point out exactly what he is.

Jacob Isom, you are not a hero, you’re a thief. You held true to a principle, tolerance, until it was unpleasant to do so, until you had to be tolerant of that which you despised.

Jacob Isom, self-admitted thief

You were tested, and failed. Those who offer you praise should share in your failure.

Resorting to criminal activity because you disagree with the protected expression of another is never the right answer.

Even if Mr. Grisham is a world-class putz.


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