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Enter the clowns

Browsing the web I came upon a story from Newsweek.

It was about the ongoing peace process involving Israel and the Palestinians.

The thesis of the particular story was:

Israel and the United States should be encouraging a rapprochement between Abbas and Hamas aimed at reestablishing the delicate power-sharing arrangement that existed before Hamas seized control of Gaza in 2007. .. it would bring all Palestinians under the canopy of the peace process. Eventually, who gets to govern would be determined by a general election… voting must be preceded by the dismantling of armed groups, chiefly Hamas’s military wing. Political groups cannot be allowed to engage in the democratic process while retaining the means to subvert it.

Dan’s basic idea is that Israel should encourage Abbas to share power with a groups which has historically and consistently stuck to its stated goals of elimination of the Israeli state. What I want to know is,  when did Newsweek start handing out crack to their writers and editors?

Seriously, this made it through the editing process? I understand Dan does realize Hamas has been randomly targeting Israelis and firing rockets into Israel pretty much without any real break (see his story from June 23, 2010) . But the story tries to draw a distinction between the military arm of Hamas (which undertakes the terrorist attacks), and the other arm which focuses on education (without mentioning exactly what that education teaches, and what they refuse to allow to be taught).

You know I won’t even say what I think. I will just put it to my one (or maybe two) readers in the form of this question I believe Newsweek should be able to easily answer. So bear with my short story.

Tomorrow the State of Purplonia, our 51st state, is admitted to the Union. A white separatist group is formed soon after in that state. One arm of the group is dedicated to the elimination of anyone they determine to be non-white and/or the expulsion of those people from the State, the other arm only educates people, that education includes on how non-whites are evil despicable people who God demands they kill.

Now skip forward thirty years, the government has worked to eliminate the group but has been unable to do so, during those thrity years the group has killed scores of non-whites, police officers, and federal troops. Some of the efforts to ferret them out in fact may have even empowered them to some degree by encouraging a black market. Would Newsweek encourage the Governor of said state, and President of the US to ensure they find a way to share power with this group, or would they call upon the government to do what is necessary to eliminate that group?


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