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Today a person I would consider a friend got promoted.

Not a huge deal, he hasn’t become a general, or even close to one.

But, he deserves it more than might be obvious…

See, the Army isn’t good or great because we have heroes who come in and do amazing things. Sure those kind of people come along once in a great while. But to be honest they don’t win wars, they don’t make the overall mission happen.

Its guys like the one I know who got promoted today.

Guys who sometimes hate their boss, but do their best anyway.

Guys who do what needs to be done, even when they know what they are doing is bullshit.

Guys who grind the wheat to make the flour.

He isn’t in great shape, although he makes a fine oval.

He isn’t the smartest person I know, I’m not either in case he finds this blog post.

He does the heavy lifting on a day in and day out basis even if he won’t ever pick a bus up off a nun. And it is amazingly hard to be good on that day-to-day basis without being bitter, something I have not done that well.

So D.L. , hats off to you.

Congratulations, you deserve it and so much more.


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