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Troy Davis, guilty still

So, just saw the news that Mr. Troy Davis is still guilty.

My first thoughts were to write that I would have to read up on the case first.

Then I thought, this guy has had his case heard by 29 judges, over the course of 17 years, and none have overturned it.

I may be a bit of a doubter, and very often say I want to see it for myself, but in this case, Yeah, I have some level of faith that if it has gone on this long, he’s guilty.

Now, will I still read up on the case, yes. Do I think its going to change my mind, unlikely.

After all, there will always be those people who could have watched him do the shooting, taken a DNA sample from him right then and there, but still say maybe he didn’t do it, because maybe he had an identical twin who actually did it.

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