Parking like an Ass, Part III

And so my quest continues.

I missed an excellent opportunity the other morning. The one day I leave my phone at home for our 6Am physical fitness session (yes it sucks even more than you think) a set of wonder twins decided to park their cars in the motorcycle spaces.

Did I mention I have on the odd occasion ridden a motorcycle.

Now don’t get me wrong. Motorcycle spaces probably annoy the hell out of car drivers, after all, they give them those great preferential slots. In fact take a look at the below picture of the Fort Eustis, VA Post Exchange (military mall) to see what I mean

Green circle is the front door, red box motorcycle spots

Yes, can’t you just feel the envy for those great spots. Please let them take those spaces again so I can get the picture to share with all of you.

And it isn’t like motorcycle riders need them, after all, we should just take up a regular sized space. Not like that would piss off anyone, right?

Anyways, here are our winners of the “I saw them parked like an ass” today.

Good job getting centered

Compact car spot, no problem I got six inches on the one sideVisiting Reservist (or Guardsman) Parking here isn't too bad, but how many times will I see someone straddeling the line.


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