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Apple, Big Brother, say it ain’t so.

So, Apple has devised a way to remotely kill their phones, and perhaps other products. 

Why is this a surprise to anyone, it isn’t like they are the first to develop a tool to remotely disable a device. Users have been able to remotely kill laptops for years. 

Wait, does that mean they are copying someone elses idea? Yes, yes it does. But they are doing it differently, no really they are, they are putting it on the chip, instead of just the software. 

Well I don’t know if it is better, but it is different, and thus, probably able to get a patent for. 

The writer of the article though, well I don’t know if they are just trying to get readers with scare tactics or what. Especially since they include this: 

…shutting it down when hackers “jailbreak” or unlock the phone to install unauthorized programs on it,… 

Something tells me Apple is not going to even try to get into the kind of trouble that would be waiting for them if they were to shut down users devices for doing something they have now been explicitly told they can do. Oh, wait, I know, it’s because Apple wrote up their patent application a couple of years ago, when jailbreaking was not so clearly protected. 

Now, if Apple really is stupid enough to brick users phones, for doing that which they are permitted to do, well NotionInk, Microsoft, and many other companies can only hope they would be so amazingly stupid. Come on Apple, build us another Lisa moment of lunacy: 

What, it only cost the equivalent of $21,259 (1983 $10K adjusted to 2009)

No, I don’t think Apple will do that. Instead I see them offering it as some type of security option, that it will be the foundation of a security blanket offered to their users. Of course the question is, whats the point? 

See if I walk into the Verizon store and tell them my Droid has been stolen they can pull up the info on my phone and shut down its access to the cell network, heck they can even give me the GPS for where it is at, or maybe give that info to the police. If I want to kill the phone remotely, well Apple, Droid has an App for that. In fact both of you have had the ability to do it for over two years. If you can remotely kill apps then you could remotely brick the devices, saying you can do it from facial recognition, or through voice recognition, well I guess you could. 

You could also crush roaches with Volkswagens launched by trebuchets, just seems like a lot of work for the result. 

Of course there can’t be other possibility, I mean it is simply ridiculous they would need this level of data to remotely kill a device when the owner is walking into the store and saying please brick it. So, why else would they want that level of information about customers, since you would have to record a bunch of info about the users first. 

Well, I’m sure there are no ulterior motives.


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