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Google, you are being naughty

Someone at google is being naughty.  

Why do I say this, well this blog has been online a whole week maybe. I have no links pointing to it other than in a few comments left on other blogs.  

Hey I get it, I’m new, it will take a while to build an audience, and maybe I’ll never have one  

Sad, I know, makes me cry just thinking of that possibility… 

But even with all of that I know this  

That regardless I will have gotten where I am going on my own merit. That I can measure myself as I see fit and find out where I stand.  

So I decided, for the fun of it, to do a good search for “Bad monkey, no biscuit”, you know, just for fun, see if I would even turn up on the search.  

Well I did turn up on the list. Amazingly so, I came back as #1 on the google search, check out this screenshot:  

We're #1, we're #1, we're #1!!!!!!


Now tell me that doesn’t rock.  

Of course when I do the same search from another computer this blog is not nearly so great. In fact it doesn’t even show on a search result on my Droid.  

So, google, stop it. Some of us like to see where we come in the rankings without any artificial inflation, don’t try to stroke our … egos, if we just want to think we’re number one we wouldn’t be searching for our obscure blog on google. We’d just check our history screen if we want to see it ranked first.


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