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What not to do to a multi-million dollar company

88 million dollars.

You have that much sitting in your bank account, I don’t.

Well num-nuts here, Alyson Reeves, must. Seems they figured to setup a own private WoW server, get sued, and not even bother to respond (pretty much the norm when one is stealing as blatantly as they were).

Now don’t get me wrong,

 I KNOW people do this. The instructions are all over the web on how to do it. But this genius they go to a whole new level, it isn’t a private server, they are selling subscriptions and doing micro transactions for cash money, and maybe made about $3 million in subscriptions (don’t know if I’m buying that by the way), want to get a business’s attention, make money off of their product, money they never get an opportunity to touch. That will get their attention faster than if you whipped it out and ….. well I think you got the idea.

So Blizz gets wind of it and get this, BOZO LIVES IN THE US, not like he lives in some country where copyright is only sort-of-maybe enforced, no the U-frickken-S, land of: the DMCA takedown; the RIAA; and, Companies that get to dictate not only when you get to use their software but will dictate what kind of hardware you will use, where you will buy it, and how much that hardware will cost you (look for a future blog entry about that big steaming pile).

So, anyways kids, lesson here. Don’t try and mess with someone’s cash-cow (and anyone who does not think WoW is a Cash Cow is delusional).

Especially if they make millions from selling electronic sparkle shiny ponies from which to draw legal funds to destroy you with.

Want to read the original complaint, be my guest:


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