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Interesting bit of news: green lasers and eye damage potential

The military has got these really cool tools. Green lasers. We mouted them on M16s, M4s, and handed them out. The idea was we could use them to notify Iraqis that we might shoot them soon if they kept tailgating us. No really, that was what we used them for, warning people they were about to get shot. 

I have to tell you, when I was in Mosul I LOVED the green laser. In all honesty the Iraqis had learned to respect it. These guys would see a green laser hit their windshield and STOP their cars. The people of Mosul respected that warning, even if they would still ignore heavily armed soldiers waving their arms at the driver, one green dot and you might see tires locked up. 

Now, why did I love this? Simple,  I’m an egomaniacal individual who is making up for a short-coming in phallus size.

 Wait, no, that’s why I cry during the one scene in Deep Impact where the parents hold each other and say good-bye after sending their daughter and an infant child off with the teenage boy on a dirt bike to try and survive.

Seriously I love this scene, and it chokes me up.

No, I loved them because it meant I didn’t have to shoot anyone. Seriously, the last thing we Soldiers want to do is shoot someone who is just trying to go to work (unless their work was pulling alongside our convey and then exploding). 

So, I read this blog entry with a heavy heart. 

See we didn’t always have enough of the issued green lasers, some folks would buy their own green pen lasers. I mean you might sometimes see three or four green beams dancing on car if it got too close to our convoy, and not all of those beams were necessarily Army issue. 

And yes, of course the ones people had bought had all kinds of warnings on them. So did the issue ones. mainly you weren’t supposed to point it at anyone’s eye for more than a second or two. Reading that though makes me wonder sometimes, the only reason Iraqis were “respecting” the green laser was because word got around that if you ignored it the Americans would shoot you. If word had gotten raround they would shoot you if you ignored them would we have even needed the green laser? Yes I know don’t have them fear the troops, we have to trust one another, but this is getting into a bit too close to my no-military-policy-dicussion line, so as interesting as it may be, I have to stop.

But after reading the blog and the links it had, I know this, if offered the same choice again I think the soldiers would rather risk blinding a possibly innocent Iraqi who was tailgating them over shooting them.


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