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How can we make it more, I don’t know, garrish?

I imagine that had to be one of the questions during the conversation leading to Zynga (the makers of FarmVille and many other facebook crack games) deciding to hire Owen Van Natta, former CEO of MySpace. 

Let me see, I have a business model centered on giving small incremental achievements and rewards in exchange for performing repetitive tasks. In other words the World of Warcraft model. But we sell people add-ons and ways to get those same rewards faster. Oh well, it might be crack, but it is legal crack. 

Van Natta, also a former chief revenue officer for Facebook, starts Monday. He’ll also have a seat on the board of directors of the fast-growing startup. 

I’m sure he was glad to get that, they do make money after all. But he was the former revenue officer of facebook? Why did he leave, oh yes I remember, no real reason just wasn’t taking him where he wanted to be. I recall Facebook saying they had no plans to replace him, from which I inferred he had done what they needed so it was time to leave, that is until a month after he left they replaced him. So, maybe he left on good terms, maybe on bad, at least he didn’t leave with arrows pursuing him. You know, like he allegedly left MySpace: 

Van Natta, who was recruited from Facebook last April by Murdoch to turn things around, soon started clashing with News Corp. digital media chief Jon Miller, according to people familiar with the situation who requested anonymity because they weren’t authorized to speak on the record.. 

Anyways, I have to say I really don’t care, but it’s about facebook, something I use. And it is about Zynga, a developer whose software I block pretty consistently: 

Did I mention I don't really like facebook games?

 Luckily most of my friends don’t play too many of them, so my profile update isn’t filled with that crap. Nope we usually talk about crap, or post our crap pictures. And I am not exempt from that, I fill up the wall with my own crap too. Remember if they didn’t want it, don’t care about it, and aren’t interested in it, then my stuff was crap too, just like theirs and yours 😉 

And I’m good with that, lets just hope we don’t get more sparkle glittery crap, a la MySpace crap.


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